the origins of endogenesis


In the beginning, there was nothing…

And then, there was.


Creation is a many splendoured example of beauty that is visible and also terrible. But the visible beauty of creation is meaningless if it is not to be witnessed.



And as there was nothing before all things, an absence of witnesses gave in to a proliferation of life in essence. Beings to whom form nor purpose mattered, flitted between the tapestry of this creation that came to be know as the universe—an all encompassing term to contain the vastness of this visible creation.


But creation, when so visible seems finite, and the beauty of creation does not satiate but seduces and it wasn’t long before the witnesses to creation’s beauty no longer appreciated their special place in the universe, instead hungering for more.


Increasingly voracious and feral, the once benign beings sought to quench their thirst, ravenously pushing their known boundaries and comprehension of the universe’s vastness… one that they had once considered limitless, but now, insufficient.


Like the distilled essence of creation’s beauty, the nectar to their ravaging search was provided by an accident—one falsely branded as fortune.


Within the tapestry of the visible creation existed another layer, invisible to the residents of this universe. Like a weave of black upon the darkest blues and stacked upon shades indiscernible by the simple eye, creation, it seemed, was less a circle of life, but a sphere of intangible material, layers upon layers of creation.


And in company of their hunger the beings felt yet another void, noticeable for the first time due to a rapid growth of emotion: jealousy.


Jealousy, for a universe—however beautiful—stands on no pedestal in the face of a multiverse.

As their hunger surpasses the growing indignation of a festering jealousy, the beings traverse the multiverse, both awed and appalled by the suitably multi-faceted beauty of this multi-faceted creation. Moved by what they had never been able to witness in their home, they were also enraged by what they had not been given, blind to the unique features of their own plane.

In one plane, the structure of creation was at its most literal: a cacophony of gears and chains webbed around the infinite finite space holding all of its native creation together as they independently functioned to achieve perfection so seamless that the cogs seemed almost symbiotic in its mechanics.


In yet another plane, every inhabitable orb rapidly phased through changes, cyclical yet sporadic, forged and undone by its own energy, both exo and endothermic, impossible for living yet it bore life in the form of near sentient energy that could be labelled nothing less than entropic.

In the next plane beings that challenged the vast knowledge of the creator walked across the their domain... each, seemingly gifted with their own right to create and destroy as they saw fit, their petulance and arrogance going unpunished, but their might and beauty rendering them mythic.


And in further wonder, another plane, seemingly cursed, with a limitation to life, confined on only one of the nine celestial orbs, was yet gifted with the best of others. The celestial bodies revolved with the mechanic accuracy of one plane, circling a giant manifestation of the entropic energy of one other plane, and gifted to perceive the mythic beings of yet another plane, ironically branding them gods, their simplicity a gift of being organic.


Humbled, the spirits take solace in their gift as witnesses to the beauty of a cosmic creation unique to their own plane. But in their passage towards home they find that their plane, and those they had so naively trespassed upon, were now subject to the relentless barrage of an alien universe—not simply another plane within the beautiful tapestry of their home multiverse, but a multiverse unto itself, spewing creatures and distortions, bastardising existence as they had come to know of it.

These beasts did not share the intent to appreciate the beauty of creation. Instead, they sought to pillage and consume what they could, allowing the fragile intricacies of their victim realm to fall prey to their brutal trek, collapsing one plane into another as the insentient survival instincts of the multiverse causes it to amalgamate what was still yet unravaged.


Compromised by the very beings who were to witness its glory, the multiverse had now folded unto itself, in a desperate attempt to continue existence but, alas, it remained besieged by the pillaging of these denizens from a corrupt realm worshipping and breeding chaos.


And the fault rested entirely upon those that would call the beauty of creation home, but instead chose to squander its integrity in an attempt to satiate their own greed; their voyage having punctured holes in the tapestry of the multiversal sphere, and allowing the savage inhabitants of another realm to invade and corrupt their haven.


Accepting their part in the the cause of this perversion of creation, the beings, native to this realm, form a last stand, arming themselves with the knowledge they had gleaned from the study of the different planes, vowing to seal the rip from which their barbaric counterparts spew...


Or die in effort to preserve what they had both loved and endangered.


Brotherhood, unfortunately, wears thin when blood is spilt and power is offered in recompense. With the possibility of greater might within their grasp, it is not long before the first of this realm's self-proclaimed guardians reaches for it—allowing him to surpass his brethren... and becoming a threat even to them.

With little choice, survival of self soon becomes need as a primitive desire for strength, to be greater than the other, blooms within their initial objective of protecting creation... now, a desire to rule.


And so begins, the armageddon of genesis.

© David Goh / Hyperlixir 2019