Endogenesis is now on Kickstarter!

  It’s finally ready — Endogenesis is now on Kickstarter! Click here or the image above to visit Here are the headlines: We have an early bird special for the next 48 hours, where you can get Endogenesis at a discounted price of SGD$56 (approx. US$41) We ship to most countries, and have EU friendly … (read more)

Endogenesis is now on Tabletopia!

You can now try out Endogenesis for free over at Tabletopia! Click here to check it out. There are 2 available set-ups: 3 players and 4 players. For a quick introductory game, you can play until a player gains one Prism, and then start fresh with the suggested win condition of 2-3 Prisms. This is … (read more)

4 Tips for designing on a shoe-string budget

When it comes to board games, one of the biggest costs you’ll incur is with art production and graphic design. Having an attractive looking product is now a must if you’re planning to crowdfund it, given that the gap in production quality between independent and professional games is quickly vanishing. For Endogenesis, I wanted high-quality … (read more)

Game Design #1: Partitioning Complexity

A lot of what makes Endogenesis fun is finding the patterns of play within the game, and then creating your own. This often manifests as figuring out the optimal strategy of using your skills, and careful planning on how to queue your actions. Because of the amount of flexibility afforded to players within their turn, … (read more)